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The coolest, most exciting, and intelligent spec campus in Silicon Valley.

The Central & Wolfe Campus has transformed an obsolescent 1970s "business park" into a modern 815,000 s.f. office/R&D campus that will be a signature asset for Silicon Valley's leading edge technology companies and the surrounding community.

The Central & Wolfe campus also includes 1,010,000 s.f. of structured parking, bringing the total building area of the campus to 1,825,000 s.f.

Landbank's commitment to environmental excellence is woven into the fabric of the Central & Wolfe Campus through elevated efficiency, Biophilic design, and sustainability. The campus targets enhanced environmental goals and presents unique opportunities for exemplary performance in both energy and water usage. As such, this campus is designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification.

Our project philosophy was simple: design an extraordinary, adaptable and future-ready campus that would deliver a truly exciting, enhanced and enjoyable user experience. Therefore it was critical that every major design element that went into the campus had to raise the user experience bar. In this case, the “users” include: companies, their employees, the surrounding community and Mother Nature.

Our wish list for this campus was long: LEED Platinum, signature architecture, no surface parking, abundant open space, rooftop gardens, amenities galore, large floor plates, and on it goes. And together with our world-class design team led by HOK Architects, we found a way to make it all happen.


LEED Platinum

  • The majority of water used on-site will be reclaimed water.
  • Solar photovoltaic system potential

Percentage of the site area as usable open space

  • Increase in usable open space430%
  • Trails2.07 miles

The number of ground-level employee surface
parking stalls

  • Reduction in total ground-level surface parking98%

90,000 sf
Planned rooftop garden space

  • Optional rooftop garden space208,000 sf
  • Optional rooftop garden walking trails.88 miles


Open Space


Rooftop Gardens